7 Famous Photography Effects You Can Easily Recreate. Part1

Do you know how to make a photo stand out? Nowadays, a great number of graphics programs and apps available on stores can make your photos look more attractive and eye-catching.
Do you want to enhance your photo or make it look way more creative? You can easily do it without mastering Photoshop or GIMP. Pho.to website is known as an expert in post-processing techniques. It will improve your photo dramatically in just one click.
Are you used to editing photos using mobile devices? Our mobile versions are available for both iOS and Android and even more include the same effects as the website.
Examples of photos processed with 7 popular photo effects
Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of photo editing with first-class effects mentioned below. By the way, you can find all these filters and effects at Photo Filters & Effects category for those who like to use the Funny.Pho.to the website.

Vignetting (darkening of image corners) is an effect that has existed since the camera was invented. Here you can read why vignetting occurs.
Sometimes vignetting is added on purpose. This photo effect is a natural and perfect frame for any photo, which gives an artistic and professional feel to an image.

If you need to add vignetting to your picture, head straight to Pho.to and follow these simple steps:
1. Find the Vignetting effect among Photo Filters and Effects and choose if you want to make your vignetting dark or light.Types of vignetting photo effects on Pho.to
2. Pick a photo you want to process. Remember that a photo should have an interesting object somewhere around its central area, as outer objects may become blurry. We have chosen this picture of a cupcake

3. Enjoy the result. We promise you will not be disappointed with it!


Double Exposure
Double Exposure effect is all about blending two pictures into one. Dan Mountford, the master of storytelling photography, extended Double Exposure to become a new branch of art. You can take similar pictures and combine them into one. Or, alternatively, take absolutely contrasting photos to demonstrate the highest degree of creativity. Using double exposure effect photographers can create surrealistic, mirror or ghost images. To achieve the similar effect you can easily perform it with the help of our Double Exposure Effect.
1. Find Double Exposure Effect at Photo Filters and Effects page. This effect can combine two images in different modes: convert them into black-and-white or merge them without changing their color. Types of double exposure photo effect on Pho.to
2. Choose two pictures you want to blend. It’s a great idea to blend girls portraits with flowers, combine BW photos or silhouette photos with picturesque scenes to receive fabulous images. We took two beautiful pictures and look what we achieved.
A sakura tree overlapping a girl’s portrait makes the picture both intricate and bright.

Reach peace, romance, and harmony by blending a romantic silhouette photo with a lovely background!
For those who are willing to learn more about multiple exposure technique, we recommend reading this article.

Tilt shift
Tilt shift effect has become extremely popular over the last few years. This amazing effect makes objects in a picture look like intricate miniatures, in fact, they are not. It happens because the shallow depth of field gives you an illusion that a photo has been taken with the macro lens, which is used for shooting scale models rather than real objects.
Previously photographers used to make these pictures with special tilt shift lens.
In the last few years post-processing has become the most popular way to create images with tilt shift effect. Of course, you can do it in many graphics programs. But surely Pho.to will help you achieve the best result with minimum effort.
1. Go to Tilt Shift page.
2. Choose a photo you want to process. The key to success here is to pick the right image. To do so, imagine how you would take pictures of a scale model. You would be leaning over it to give your photos a sense of perspective, right? So your fake miniature photos should have the same viewpoint. You could also get some wonderful ideas from a selection of beautiful photos with tilt-shift effect. Here is the picture we have chosen:

Relax for a second and let Pho.to do its magic!
photo-with-tilt-shift-effect (1)

The strange word bokeh comes from the Japanese language where it means blur, haze. It is a way to describe how lens renders out-of-focus areas on photos. Have you ever noticed soft colorful spots in the backgrounds of pictures? If so, then you know what bokeh is. If you take pictures at nighttime, bokeh can give an absolutely hypnotising effect. Delicate lighting in the pictures of your loved ones can bring photos a romantic feel. Sometimes bokeh can make your photos look more sentimental and melancholic. One thing we’re confident about is that photos with bokeh always look absolutely amazing.
It is relatively easy to make photos with bokeh. We have got a whole blog post written on how to get a bokeh effect on your photos. If you have already read it and mastered this technique, you could aim for more. Try to make photos with custom bokeh shapes. Add hearts, apply bright Christmas trees or Batman logos… the choice is endless.
To achieve the effect of bokeh you would normally need a DSLR with a good lens, special lighting and definitely some skills. But you are on Pho.to, so all your excuses will be lame. If you fail to achieve bokeh with your camera, you can create bokeh on our site doing the following:
1. Choose an effect with bokeh: Light Bokeh or Christmas Bokeh, Blue Snow Bokeh Effect.
2. Upload your photo or enter its URL and you’ll get a wonderful picture with natural and beautiful bokeh lights!
Here’s the image we’ve used:
And here are the fascinating portraits Pho.to has produced:



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