Transform your photos into masterpieces with special effects and eye-catching backgrounds

Sometimes, you like a photo just fine, but as luck would have it, the image has a bland or boring background that detracts from your perfect shot. You can also get tired of an old photo and start looking for a way to give it a refreshing and interesting new vibe. offers a great number of dreamlike, exotic, and romantic backgrounds that can gently suggest the mood of an image or emphasize it, turning your photo into an absolutely different picture.
Shining bokeh bubbles
The bokeh effect has earned universal appeal. Gracing so many photos, it’s sure to suit many of your own favorite shots. currently offers three types of bokeh effects: conventional “Light Bokeh,” holiday “Christmas Bokeh,” or romantic “Heart Bokeh.”
Light vignette and bokeh effect for your photos Christmas bokeh background to make charming holiday cardsMake a lovely photo with romantic heart bokeh overlay
add-bokeh christmas-bokeh-overlay

Seasonal Effects: Summer
These four great background themes focus on all the best that summer has to offer: ocean waves, bright sunshine, and the vivid colors of this amazing season. Add them to your vacation photos to emphasize the relaxing and carefree moods of your summer days.

Seasonal Effects: Winter
Surround your winter photos with magical snowflakes and glittering ice. You can’t go wrong if you apply these backgrounds to your winter photos. Make your personalized photo greeting cards unique and memorable with these effects. Share them with friends and relatives on Christmas and New Year’s—these photo greetings are sure to be treasured all year long!

winter-photo-background snow-flakes-background

Seasonal Effects: Spring and Autumn
Adorn your photos with blooming spring flowers or colorful autumn leaves to make them even more eye-catching.
spring-photo-background autumn-leaves-background

Premium Effects for Experienced Users
If you want your photos to really stand out, you’ll want to consider these elite photo backgrounds. Premium effects are available in a very limited number of copies in Photo Lab PRO and PRO-HD apps for iOS only. At $20 per template, these amazing effects will turn your photos into professional images that look exclusive and chic.

Great Cities of the World
Would you like to have a teleporter in your pocket? We can install one on your mobile device! The professional version of the Lab app is available for iOS and Android. With these amazing backgrounds, you can move the scene in your photos to three famous cities of the world: Moscow, Paris, and two different streets of Venice.
venice-background moscow-photo-frame

                                         Old Street and Moscow Attractions

paris-background italy-background.jpg
                        Paris Photo Background and Old Cityscape Background

Unusual Backgrounds for Special Occasions
If you’re looking for a creative background to emphasize the mood of your shot or to add an artistic touch to it, check out these photo effects. Every daring photographer will want to try the dangerous “Fire Flames” and “Snake Skin” backgrounds.
fire-overlay snake-skin-background

The “Industrial” photo background was created for those who like urban stylistics in design.
And last but not least, the joyous “Festive Balloons” background is perfect for any special event or occasion, from birthday parties to graduations and weddings.
birthday-photo-backgroundYou can try the effects photo in here:


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